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Photo & Email From Ron Graham: I live in Kerrville   Three Sisters are old friends of mine. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather ride other than maybe a mid-night ride in Big Bend under a full moon. I grew up fishin and tubin the HillCountry and when rivers are runnin you can't beat the Frio. The whole town of Leakey seems to be Biker Friendly and the people are genuinely pleased to welcome your business. I have your web-site saved and send it to everyone I know or meet. Myself and a couple of friends have plans to attend the Soltice Rally in a couple of weeks. Weather permitting we'll camp at Garner Park. Great site ---Wish it success---RG

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Uh Oh! Looks like the sports car enthusiasts have discovered the Hills, too! Refueling stop at the Texaco in Leakey.

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Why not own a piece of the Texas Hill Country? Great views like these from the new Valley Vista subdivision on US Hwy 83 at CR 350.

Wake up to this view of the Frio and Hills at the new Frio River’s Edge guest house.

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